"The scandal is that the gospel means liberation, that this liberation comes to the poor, and that it gives them the strength and the courage to break the conditions of servitude." Dr. James Cone

How Does Campus Ministry Equip Students to Live out Their Faith Through Action?

Beginning with the intentional invitation to a broader expression of community, whether they are faith based or secular. while Campus Ministry is the identification, the welcoming is rooted in the idea that Campus Ministry exists to serve, no matter how one comes through our doors.

Worship on Sunday evenings honors a student’s commitment to their academic, professional and self-awareness time during the week by offering a shortened, ritual/liturgical service, of the student’s creation-which leaves room for students to bring into the space ritual or ritualized action that is important to them, especially those of different cultures and/or faith expressions.

Wednesday afternoons, are the times to engage in spiritual formation questions about how Scripture fits in with our daily life, whether faith or secular in a stress-free format: having discussions and debates about systemic and oppressive issues on many levels as well as organizing among their peers about action steps or having discussions about where sacred word either helps or hinders the situation.

Inviting in also opportunities for guest speakers to come and share knowledge with the students and for that matter, educating also any community members who are interested in the topic at hand. And more so than ever, experiencing the importance of wellness and self care is vital to the life of a student especially on a campus such as the University of Chicago. Practicing self care and wellness and offering workshops on this are one of the many mission points of why we do ministry as Body and Soul UChicago Campus Ministry.

Time to explore leadership development and spiritual formation, where students can actively live out their faith through protests, marches and civil disobedience as well as finding was to build community with one another. 

This is what the mission of Body and Soul UChicago Campus Ministry is called to be; where the traditional and historical outline of Campus Ministry has failed to translate and remain fluid with an ever changing landscape of social and political issues, Body and Soul has the capability to have the impact that it can have on a rather secular and capitalistic campus setting.

Body and Soul’s role is to clearly is to provide a setting where students can find safe, sacred space to explore their faith journeys, questions about the ways in which we identify and relate to God/Creator/Divinity and concretely how do we apply that to the ways in which we fight the systemic oppression that has become a fabric of our culture aimed at eliminating marginalized, indigenous and immigrant populations through using Christianity’s dogmas and doctrines as a way to suppress humanity.